Calderdale Way Relay 2017

Dry, warm weather greeted 6 of our runners as they made their way to Heath Rugby Club for a 7am start of this years Calderdale Way Relay, the race in it’s 33rd year is Britain’s biggest club run off road event attracting teams from as far as Sale and Denby Dale.

The race itself is 50 mile circular route of Calderdale with a total ascent of over 8500ft, teams are made up of 12 runners covering the whole distance split into 6 legs, with each leg run in pairs. The race starts at Clay House Park, West Vale at 8am and with strict cut off times for each leg any team finishing with the baton 6-7 hours later have done extremely well. 

This year QRC had its best ever turn out for the race with us been able to enter 3 teams, 36 of us spread across the route. Leg 1 starts in West Vale and finishes  in Crag Vale, leg 2 via Stoodley Pike and into Todmorden, leg 3 boasts are steep 1 mile climb to start with before heading over to Black Shaw Head, leg 4 heads to Wainstalls passing to leg 5 runners who set off towards Shelf, from here it’s left to the leg 6 runners with a 10.5 mile sprint back into West Vale for the glory finish. 

With the wing team completing the course in a under 6 hours Calder Valley Fell Runners were awarded 1st place with some magnificent leg times, with Ben Mounsey running legs 1+3.

QRC A produced a superb run finishing in 18th place in a time of 7:03:13, smashing the club record by 9 minutes, excellent work guys. In 57th came QRC B with an overall time of 8:26:00 and unfortunately missing the leg 5 cut off by 23 minutes. QRC C finished in 87th place in a time of 10:05:08 pretty impressive considering this was the 1st time the majority of the team has run off road over this distance.

Just a few Random pictures of some of our runners during Sundays race and a full split of all the results below.

FB_IMG_1495395706644 FB_IMG_1495395797514 FB_IMG_1495395948314 FB_IMG_1495429083180 FB_IMG_1495429106173 FB_IMG_1495429138773 FB_IMG_1495429159564 FB_IMG_1495429178229 FB_IMG_1495429184212 FB_IMG_1495429228115 FB_IMG_1495429233703 FB_IMG_1495429303877 F4961924-5ED4-465B-A40A-6FCA0A76C85B C429E52D-6CE3-4A3C-92F2-54E311EFC4B8 FB_IMG_1495429626055 FB_IMG_1495429640451 FB_IMG_1495429655097 DSC_0307

Well done everybody, great running for our club.

Position Team No. Club Runners Leg 1   Runners Leg 2   Runners Leg 3   Runners Leg 4   Runners Leg 5   Runners Leg 6  
Queensbury RC A Lee Shaw   Mick Coe   Emmet Parr   Chris Williams   Ben Clare   Richard Brook  
      Imran Asghar   Pete Hughes   Peter Metcalfe   Dave Hunt   Andrew Doverner   Carl Heron  
    Leg Time 01:29:54 26 01:07:45 19 00:42:50 12 01:16:48 15 01:02:43 15 01:23:13 21
    Total Time 01:29:54 26 02:37:39 25 03:20:29 17 04:37:17 18 05:40:00 17 07:03:13 18
57 62 Queensbury RC B Andy Stott   Lynne Robinson   Richard Newberry   Neil Windle   Stacey Cleal   Joanne Horan  
      Matt Fielding   Peter May   Anthony Yule   Steve Searle   Lee Hipwell   Chris Rushworth  
    Leg Time 01:42:33 58 01:16:41 44 00:52:25 46 01:33:41 51 01:19:00 61 01:41:40 59
    Total Time 01:42:33 58 02:59:14 47 03:51:39 51 05:25:20 50 06:44:20 53 08:26:00 57
87 63 Queensbury RC C Colin Feeley   Gillian Jago   Shelley Ferneyhough   Chris King   Darren Jack   Joanna Robinson  
      Graham Rhodes   Zoe Hipwell   Dan Moore   Anna Smith   Gary Morritt   C Brighouse Johnson  
    Leg Time 02:10:39 90 01:39:55 87 00:59:14 73 01:40:33 64 01:37:00 89 01:57:47 85
    Total Time 02:10:39 90 03:50:34 93 04:49:48 88 06:30:21 85 08:07:21 87 10:05:08 87