Bradford City Runs Results 25-10-15

brad 11Well where do I start what a fantastic day and turn out from Queensbury Running Club not just the runners but also the club members who were not running but came down to watch support and help with the marshalling I have been told that our club had the most runners in the race.

It goes without saying that whatever position you came or time that you did the effort that all of you put in shows that this club ran as a team and it is all that ran marshalled and watched that make up the full team so well done to you all.

I have put the pictures taken by Andy Smith and Maria Rhodes on another post a big thank you to them I will not complain of not having enough pictures any more now for the results


Half Marathon

Name                                Time                   Position                 Cat

Martin Firth                       1.25.53             10th                        2nd mv 50

Carl Heron                       1.28.57             17th                         3rd mv 50

Peter May                        1.37.09             37th

Joanne Horan                   1.39.44             44th

Graham Jowett                 1.44.23             62nd                        1st mv 60

Rob Glover                       2.07.54            151st

Nicola Pearson                 2.09.16            162nd

Total finishers                   216



Name                                Time                    Position                      Cat

Chris Williams                 34.56                  3rd

Maria Rhodes                  46.15                  44th                            3rd F 35

Ben Charlesworth            47.09                 48th

Claire Baggley                 51.45                 90th

Glenn Thornton                51.49                 91st                              2nd mv 60

Stephen Brook                 52.26                 95th                              3rd mv 60

Chris Johnson                  52.31                104th

Rachel Kendall                 53.20                114th

Andrew Mitchell               55.31                144th

Keith Johnson                 101.19               224th

Jo Bottomley                   1.03.34              233rd

Joanne Robinson            1.03.44               235th

Kathryn Webb                 1.04.30              240th

Total Finishers                320


Name                               Time                  Position              Cat

Richard Brook                 20.14                 3rd                      2nd mv 40

Gurjit Kaur                      31.12                 119th

Helen Hellawell               32.26                 137th

Lynn Hill                         34.35                 153rd

Total Finishers                209

Well done to everyone if I have missed anyone please let me know and I will put on post Peter..