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Strava Segment Challenge #11

Well, that proved popular – some of those below having more than one attempt at this one!

Nice to see Martin making a leisurely (for him) appearance, and commiserations to Phil Lee who joined the group of those attempting a segment in reverse – still 15 cups in one run isn’t bad going!

02:34 Andrew Stott (PR & =CR)
02:45 Lynn Hurst (PR & =CR)
02:45 Lynne Robinson (PR & =CR)
02:48 Neil Windle QRC (PR & 7th overall)
02:50 Andrew Paterson (PR & 8th overall)
02:57 Phillip Whettlock QRC (PR)
02:58 Richard Brook (PR)
03:00 Andy young (PR)
03:26 Joanne Horan (PR & 6th overall)
03:38 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR)
04:03 Rob Glover (2nd best)
04:08 Michelle Greenwood (PR)
04:08 Glenn Thornton QRC. (3rd best)
04:13 Karl Holmes (2nd best)
04:34 Dan Holt QRC (PR)
09:03 Martin Firth

Guidance update for restricted return to activity

It’s been great to see some of you running in pairs over the last few weeks.

Following the government’s recent update to guidelines on social distancing, England Athletics have now updated their guidance, which can be found at

As a club we are reviewing this and the logistics of what we could now offer and we will be back in touch soon. We hope you are well at this time.

Phillip, Coaching Coordinator

Strava Segment Challenge #10

Well done to everyone who had a go at this week’s segment, on what I’m sure are pretty tired legs.

Special mention to Andy Young for being quick off the mark …

Mon @ 07:23 I created the Strava Segment Challenge
Mon @ 07:28 Andy heads off running towards Shelf!

04:56 Peter Hughes (PR)
05:19 Andy young (PR)
05:22 Andrew Paterson (PR)
05:41 Phillip Whettlock QRC (PR)
05:51 Richard Brook
06:36 Phil Lee (PR)
06:49 Richard Kent
06:51 Zoe Hipwell QRC (PR)
07:21 Rob Glover (2nd best)
07:42 Michelle Greenwood
08:25 Glenn Thornton QRC.
09:43 Dan Holt QRC
10:57 Helen Trevisani
14:56 Joanne Punt