Areing Fwar fell race 6Th July 2019

Arenig Fawr fell race has been run since 2005 by Yiannis Tridimas and his wife Cathy, although this year Bowland have taken over the organising of the race.

Starting in a disused quarry to the north of Arenig Fawr in the Snowdonia National Park, competitors on this AM course have about 1.5Km of flagged paths around the quarry before hitting a scree slope that is a roughly 50% gradient for 200 metres. It only gets worse. This leaves 11Km of completely unmarked scree fields, insane slope gradients, bogs, streams, boulder fields, and generally hellish fell torture that is difficult to race on for the uninitiated. Only on the final descent did something vaguely resembling a reasonable gradient reappear. Apparently like electricity and vowels the concept of footpaths have not reached some parts of Wales. Some say Arenig Fawr is harder than the Yorkshire 3 Peaks despite only being 8 miles in length! A small field 30 runners completed the route this year, with Alistair completing the route in 2 hours, 1 minute and 47 seconds and 11th place. Jos Naylor also made a surprise appearance (but you knew that already)

The legend Alistair Galt with Jos Naylor