..and we power on..and on!!

It’s been quite a busy week at the club!..training was switched to Tuesday night just for the week, to allow for a “social” evening 2 days later. We had a very healthy turnout of 20 runners of all abilities, with specific emphasis on hill work (as usual!)..mainly because we can’t avoid them in our part of the world!! It’s amazing and very heartening, as well as very rewarding, to hear comments like” I never thought I’d run up that!”, and “Did I REALLY run up there!”. Great effort and enthusiasm was displayed, yet again, in abundance, by all our groups!

Last Thursday, the club hosted a social evening at the half Way House pub, in Queensbury .We had a phenomenal turnout!..and we filled the pub!! The club’s committee formally welcomed all our beginners, stressing that they and the full members were all part of the same running club, then explained to our beginners the benefits of becoming full members of Queensbury Running Club. By the end of a very successful evening, 15 of our beginners had become full members, pushing the club membership to 53 – we have tripled in size this year!! We also had a very healthy set of orders for club running vests, T-shirts and hoodies! It was marvelous to see so many of our beginners present, and to experience their now legendary enthusiasm for running!

This weekend marked the 10th anniversary of the first ever UK parkrun, held in Bushy Park, Richmond-upon-Thames! We had another very healthy turnout overall as a club, at Bradford’s Lister Park event, despite the wet, cool weather. The results were – in reverse order for a change!…Holly Cleal 51.08, Rebecca Calvert 42.17 (her 1st park run..very good time!), Dianne McDonnell 42.01 (a PB by 77 seconds!), ZoĆ« Hipwell 37.35 (ran with daughter Jessica, who ran 37.34; husband Lee did 24.27!), Jayne Passey 33.59 (husband Tony ran 31.53!), Nicole Jagger 31.43 (very impressive 1st parkrun!), Abbie Cleal 29.03, Maria Rhodes 27.22 (very near her PB!), Craig Hawes 26.07, and Stacey Cleal 25.24. Declan Craven ran a very quick lap of 5.54, before heading off to assist with scanning! Three of our regular Assistant Run Leaders also competed – Andrew tempest-Mitchell ran 26.00, Steve Wilby 26.44 and Steve Brooke 33.56 (granddaughter Katie ran 33.55!). ..and Run Leader, Martin Firth, did 19.04 (2nd place!). Over in Huddersfield, at Greenhead Park, Caroline Whelan (36.25) and Kathryn Webb (36.00), most admirably flew the flag for Queensbury, doing their first ever park runs in exceedingly respectable times! Very well done to everyone!!..conditions were not too easy!