Age UK Abbey Dash Results

On race day I set off to watch the Abbey Dash it was blowing 50 mph with horizontal rain and I thought the race may need to be cancelled well I do live in Thornton and a number of the club that were racing live in Queensbury and are used to this kind of weather but still the conditions were terrible I arrived at the 5k point to see Martin and Diane togged up like me as if we were going to walk to the south pole and also going by some of the pictures Andy took most of the Queensbury runners were wrapped up in bin liners but unbelievably as if the weather was governed by the starting time the wind stopped and the conditions were pretty good for the 10k.

Martin Me Peter Hughes and Steve Wilby used to run this race years ago when there were about 400 runners today there was 15000 and it was great waiting to see the Queensbury colours running down the Kirkstall road again well done to all that raced you have done the club proud.


Phil Robinson        44.30

Rachel Kendal       57.04

Jo Bottomley         1.00.25

Kathryn Webb       1.05.39

Gurjit Kaur             1.07.28

Debbie Oldroyd     1.12.16

Sue Tozer              1.12.30

Sam Lawton           1.16.03

Lynn Hill                 1.19.53

Tamara Swan         1.20.06

Well done to all of you and also to Andy Smith for taking some great pictures.