..after the Xmas party comes the exercise!!

Looking ahead, slightly, Jo Bottomley has come up with a great idea for burning off those excess Xmas Day calories (and a chance to escape from the family for a while!!) …a Boxing Day morning training run , from the clubhouse (to replace our Thursday evening run falling on Xmas Day). Possibly 10/10-30am? Gives everyone a lie in & chance for the excesses of Christmas Day to settle, we’d still be done for lunchtime so everyone can go to Boxing Day teas still . Jo was also thinking that for routes we all choose the “favourites” from the year? As it’ll be daylight it would give us chance to revisit some of the summer favourites that we can’t do at the minute. We will have the football facilities all to ourselves – I have the necessary keys (including the one for the car park gate lock) ! If you are not on facebook, just let Martin know your thoughts/ideas next time you attend training. The run is open to EVERYONE at Queensbury Running Club (and anyone else who wishes to come along!), and we will operate our usual range of ability groups.