Accrington 10k 1St March 2020

Cannonball Events latest race was to be organising this fantastic race named in honour of Accrington’s (and probably Lancashire’s) most famous athlete Ron Hill. Ron, who was born in Accrington and won the Commonwealth Games and European Championship marathons. 

After a last minute decision, I decided to see what all the fuss was about and gave Stormin Brook a call to see where the Corsa was heading at the weekend, after a prompt pick up at 7.45 off we went and on arrival we soon met up with Andy Young for his 1st road race since recovery from injury, they say road race but 2 miles of it was on the local trail greenway but we still all had a decent race considering the windy conditions.

49th Neil Windle 44.14

77th Andy Young 47.01

144th Steve Brook 52.24 (2ndMV70)

Well done us 3