Mission Statement

It is our mission to improve the fitness of all runners, enabling them to achieve their personal goals by creating a running community through regular club runs and events.

We aim to promote a competitive Male and Female Team to compete in National Championships, as well as in our local area events.

We wish to unite runners of every level of ability and interest, promoting good health, wellbeing, friendship and camaraderie, while encouraging participation in all types of running events from parkrun to Championship level.


QRC aim to attract runners from the local area and bring out the best in them. By best, we don’t mean the most competitive, unless your goal is to be highly competitive, because we can more than help you reach your best potential and win those races, but we aim to support every runner with their goal by developing our community of runners.

Everyone has different goals, some of us just wish to meet new friends, some are looking for training partners, some are new to the area and are looking for a social pipeline. We aim to provide all of these.

The running club is designed to be a community where we come together not only to run but share a social event or 2 (runner of the season!), and support each other as we all achieve our goals.

The highest running club in England, probably.