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Harriers v Cyclists 18th Nov 2017

Harriers Vs Cyclists

This event is a competition between runners and cyclists with (usually) the first 10 in each category to score. The winning team holds the Fisherman Trophy for one year. The trophy is named after The Fisherman Inn from where the race starts and where the prize giving takes place afterwards. On the few occasions where a bucket of lukewarm water is not provided in the pub cellar to shift all that ground in dirt, ample washing facilities can be found in the nearby Leeds-Liverpool canal! – 
6 QRCers made the trip to Bingley, all ready to compete against the cyclists. All did really well on a course filled with mud and with 1000ft of ascent, with Chris Williams leading the guys home closely followed by Tom ‘musttryharder’ Collinge. 
Well done guys n gals super stuff 
 10th Chris Williams 39:34
12th Tom Collinge 39:44
49th Andy Dovernor 44:40
54th Mick Coe 45:38
139th Stacey Cleal 54:40
164th Lee Hipwell 58:16
Chris W on his way to 10th.
Go Tom!! Go Tom!!
Bingley gunna get ya!!
Mick ‘reliable’ Coe.
Far too happy.

Bolton Abbey Running Festival 12th Nov 2017

Run Bolton Abbey is an exciting new trail-running event, sponsored by Midgley Motor Cars, with a choice of distances to suit runners of all abilities. Whichever you choose, run for Manorlands Hospice!

There was a choice of a 10K, 10 mile, half marathon or two-mile fun run.

This was a unique opportunity to run on exclusive parts of the estate not usually accessible to the public and we guarantee the autumnal colours will be stunning!

About the routes

The routes were on a mixture of paths, tracks, woodland trails and open land. “Run through Strid Wood, over Dicken Dike, climb the Valley of Desolation and the Launde Plantation and take on a stretch of Barden Fell. A diverse range of surfaces and stunning landscapes all crammed into one challenging run.  All routes started and finished at the Cavendish Pavillion Car Park, with the added benefit of chip-timing.

Well done to the 3 of you that took part in the 10k race.

Shelley Ferneyhough 1:09:39

Sonya Tetley 1:20:13

Delia Fawcett 1:25:56

YVAA Spenborough 12th Nov 2017

The 6th and final race of the series headed over to Spenborough for a 5.2 mile multi terrain race. Starting on the track after our 2 minute, sorry!! 1 minute silence, it was a quick (for some) lap and a half of the track to spread the filed out then out onto the roads and tracks of the surrounding area. A fantastic little course not overly demanding but enough to keep you on your toes, with a 250 metre sprint on the track to finish it really is a great course.

As is the norm in the YVAA race series the results are available pretty much as you cross the line. Well done to the time keepers and the organisers for what has been a tough season. Lets hope the series gets back on it’s feet to avoid any mishaps next year. 

And onto the final results after scores have been totted up by the YVAA and what a fantastic results for QRC with 4 out of 6 races to count.

Immy taking the MV35 title by 6 points from Rich Allen of Pudsey, awesome stuff Immy.

Andy Stott finishing 2nd overall in the MV45’s, behind Gavin Mulholland no shame in that. Well done Andy great running.

Mick Coe finishing 3rd overall in the MV50’s with only 80 points separating the top 3. Well run Mick.

Carl Heron 3rd in MV55’s, well done Carl to one of our most on form runners.

Pete Hughes 3rd in the MV60’s, Great stuff Pete


On the day results below


20th Stacey Cleal 43:00


13th Imran Asghar 34:26

17th Carl Heron 35:10 (2nd MV55)

27th Mick Coe 35:52

28th Peter Hughes 36:00 (2nd MV60)

33rd Simon Brady 36:34

56th Andy Stott 39:46

102nd Neil Windle 44:22

128th Stephen Brook 49:18

  Carl Heron 2nd MV55
Pete 2nd MV60

Leeds Abbey Dash 5th Nov 2017

One of the UK’s well known, popular 10k’s, the Leeds Abbey Dash was back for its 32nd year of running and the organisers were hoping for it to be the best yet. The 10k route is perfect for beginners and experienced runners alike, due to it’s flat, PB busting course. 

The race, which incorporated the 2017 England Athletics 10km Championships, continued its reputation as one of the best-quality 10km events in Britain as the first 15 men broke 30 minutes on chip time. A total of 31 athletes finished inside 31 minutes, while the top eight women were all inside 34 minutes

The course starting on Wellington Street, heads out of the city along Kirkstall Rd to the Abbey, where runners turn and head back past the TV studio’s, over the flyover and onto the Headrow to finish in front of the town hall steps  cheered on by hundreds of spectators lining the finish area. 

Well done all QRCers who took part and I hope you enjoyed your racing.

Ben Charlsworth 48:57

Richard Kent 52:08

Simon Thomas 52:57

Victoria Trudgill 53:14

Laura Young 53:31

Helen Travisani 53:55

Rob Glover 54:35

Charlotte Charlesworth 59:44

Sharon Elliot 1:02:05

David Elliot 1:02:05

Sam Lawton 1:03:19

Jane Skudder 1:10:02

Helen Gibbons 1:14:58

Joanne Punt 1:15:39

Andela Wadington 1:32:41



Garthering Winter Fools 16th Dec 2017

Entries are now open for this race, currently we have 3 teams to entering so far, Dan Moore was trying to raise a 4th team but did not have the response required.

So this is your last chance, if you’d like to join the fun and you can muster 8 runners together (2 on each leg) then your welcome to enter a 4th team, the more the merrier, all you’ll need is a team captain and a love for running through mud, if you think your not good enough don’t worry it’s all a bit of fun.

The club will pay the £40 entry fee for all QRC teams.


Shepherds Skyline 4th Nov 2017

The Shepherds Skyline Fell Race is a popular event.  A warm up for bonfire night along this fast, muddy course – with a steep descent off Stoodley Pike for the kamikaze descenders, immediately followed by a stiff climb back up the hill. Featuring 350m of ascent over 10km this is definitely a race for the serious runner. Luckily for us we have Mick and Stacey who for some unknown reason like running up steep hills, well done both of you great stuff and keep it up.

121st Mick Coe 60:48

211th Stacey Cleal 70:04


Guy Falkes 10 5th Nov 2017


A hilly 10 mile course on a mixture of scenic country roads and well surfaced bridleway finishing in the stunning grounds of Ripley Castle. 4 of our on form runners travelled over to Ripley near Harrogate with all coming away with fantastic times on a tough course.

51st Simon Brady 1:09:07 (6th M50)

70th Lynne Robinson 1:10:44 (4th F35)

92nd Peter May 1:12:21 (13th M50)

167th Jo Horan 1:17:43 (10th F35) 

Well done to you all, keep it going.

Simon sussing out the competition

Evensplits 5k Series 25th Oct 2017

EvenSplits brand new 5K race series for Leeds is staged monthly at the Brownlee Centre Cycle Circuit. The series consists of six, monthly, 5K road races, the first of which was Wednesday 5th July 2017. Each event comprises two races: an A race for those who expect to run sub-22:30 and a B race for those who expect to run 22:30 or above. Race 6 is on the 22nd Nov.

Position Bib Name Club Heat Age Grade Category Category Position Net Time Gun Time  
48 329 Richard Brook Queensbury Running Club Heat A 68.6 % MV40 8/14 20:14 20:16  
104 330 Stephen Brook Queensbury Running Club Heat B 65.0 % MV70 2/2 26:51 26:52

Well done to both Rocky and Stephen for showing off the QRC colours. Top running lads

Bradford City Runs 29th Oct 2017

It what turned out to be a great day for racing weather wise, 19 QRCers turned up in City Square for the the annual festival of running held on traffic-free, closed roads around City Park and the city centre of Bradford.

Bradford City Runs proudly supports The Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU), and those taking part in the race are actively encouraged to raise money for the unit through sponsorship should they wish. 

With 4 race distances to chose from (including the kids 1 mile) there was also a 5k, 10k and half marathon. QRC was once again well represented at this popular event.

Well done to all of you, in particular Chris Williams on a 2nd place finish in the 10k and to anybody achieving that PB.


Position Bib Name Club Category Category Position Net Time Gun Time  
42 45 Stephen Brook Queensbury Running Club M70 2/3 0:26:20 0:26:37  
217 266 Liz Thompson Queensbury Running Club F45 9/17 0:37:08 0:38:24


Position Bib Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Category Position Net Time Gun Time  
2 809 Chris Williams (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:17:40 0:18:12 2/133 (MSEN) 0:35:52 0:35:52  
95 592 Joanna Lockwood (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:25:04 0:25:13 2/43 (F35) 0:50:17 0:50:34  
137 467 Shelley Ferneyhough (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:26:06 0:26:39 5/43 (F35) 0:52:45 0:52:57  
215 361 Jodie Ansell (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:28:31 0:28:49 23/67 (FSEN) 0:57:20 0:57:56  
244 318 Becci Smith (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:29:21 0:28:53 27/67 (FSEN) 0:58:13 0:59:03  
245 489 Michelle Greenwood (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:30:32 0:28:17 17/43 (F35) 0:58:48 0:59:03  
271 804 Dianne Simpson (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:30:08 0:30:18 23/44 (F45) 1:00:26 1:01:16  
332 767 Garrie Wider (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:33:06 0:32:41 41/43 (M50) 1:05:46 1:06:39  
367 419 Michelle Chew (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:35:10 0:36:06 38/44 (F45) 1:11:16 1:11:53  
409 632 Heidi Nellis (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:41:34 0:45:44 62/67 (FSEN) 1:27:17 1:28:09

Half Marathon

Position Bib Name 6km 11km 16km 21km Category Position Net Time Gun Time  
15 875 Simon Brady (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:25:35 0:21:27 0:21:35 0:21:36 2/32 (M50) 1:30:10 1:30:12  
19 919 Martin Firth (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:25:40 0:21:41 0:22:07 0:22:35 4/32 (M50) 1:32:02 1:32:19  
25 1022 Graham Rhodes (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:26:13 0:21:59 0:22:24 0:24:03 5/32 (M50) 1:34:38 1:34:40  
27 976 Peter May (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:26:56 0:22:17 0:22:41 0:23:22 7/32 (M50) 1:35:14 1:35:16  
58 968 Philip Lickley (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:29:17 0:25:08 0:25:28 0:25:08 24/65 (MSEN) 1:45:01 1:45:14  
80 969 Anthony Lindsay-Yule (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:30:38 0:26:15 0:26:32 0:26:24 34/65 (MSEN) 1:49:48 1:50:01  
96 938 Joanne Horan (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:32:44 0:26:46 0:26:41 0:26:52 4/18 (F35) 1:53:01 1:53:17

NB. Jo Horan was running as guide, well done Jo.