Club Kit & Colours

Club Kit

If you would like to buy some kit, please print off the order form and hand over with payment to our treasurer, Andy Dovernor.

Club Colours History

Our club kit has changed a few times over the years. Here’s a short history showing how it has evolved.

  1982-1986 Light blue cotton vest with dark blue ‘Zig-Zag’ to represent the hills around Queensbury. No club shorts.
  1986-1990 Plain light blue mesh vest, with Queensbury S.C. logo. No club shorts.
  1990-1995 White mesh vest with blue trim. Queensbury Running Club and hanging sheep logos across chest. Blue shorts with hanging sheep logo on right
  1995-2000 Orange/purple vest with Queensbury Running Club and hanging sheep logos on left. Orange/purple shorts
  2000-Present Orange vest with green and white trim. Queensbury Running Club logo across chest, hanging sheep logo on left side. Green shorts with white stripes.