Man v mountain

First 11.5 miles were mostly uphill but steady, nothing us Queensbury boys can’t handle.
I took it steady from the start because of all the kit I was carrying, but managed to run mostly all of it until that point then it got mental steep!
Mile 13 to the summit I climbed 1170ft.
I kept going to the top even though I was getting cramp in my thighs. Arrived at the summit in 2hours 54mins.
We were really lucky with the weather because it was totally clear at the top so got some beautiful views.
I spent 10 minutes at the summit, taking photos, chatting to people and stretching before the descent. This was really tough on the calves. Steep and rocky / uneven – leg killer.
Then at mile 18 we dropped our kit bag and got ready for the obstacle section.
First was the vertical kilometre – 800ft climb up a disused rail track. Another leg killer.
We then came down again to the abseil section, there was a queue here to get safety harness etc on but race timing was paused.
Abseil was over an old railway bridge, once at the bottom we were off to the 5 separate water obstacles.
Walk the plank – 25ft jump in to the lake below
Tyre cluster – drag your self over a load of inflatable tyres tied together.
Inflatable logs – submerge under 2 inflatables to the other side
Water slide –
And finally a 25 meter swim across the lake.
Then with cramp closing in and legs really struggling we had 2 8ft walls to climb over and a final ramp with a rope to pull yourself up with in the finishing straight.
Zoe and the kids were there at the finish to cheer me on – and I needed it!
On the 2nd 8ft wall, as I jumped both my calves locked in cramp I fell backwards in agony. With no other runners around I had to manoeuvre my legs to press against the wall until I could reach forward and grab my toes. Once I pulled my toes back and calves released I looked up and saw Jessica was shouting at me to get up.
I got my arse up and pulled myself over the wall to a round of applause from the watching crowd – brilliant feeling.
Crossing the line in 5 hours 17 minutes.
Excellent day and great camaraderie on the way round.
I’m struggling to walk today though. And stairs are not my friend!!

Well done Lee great effort
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