Withins Skyline

Anna Smith Lynne Robinson and Alistair Gale raced at the Withins Skyline fell race last weekend this course is hilly up to a 1000ft of climbing  with plenty of mud to run through so you need plenty of strength and stamina to finish all three runners completed the very difficult race so a big well done .

Alistair Gale finished in 46th position in 50.01

Anna finished in 169th position in 60-06.

Lynne Robinson finished in 198th position in 62.23.

313 Runners completed the race.

If you have any pictures please forward them to me peter.may@peter-may.co.ukalistair_withinslynneanna_withins

Mills Hills 73 mile bike race

Philip Robinson won his second race on the bike in three weeks  when he completed the 73 mile Mills Hills  bike race in 5hrs 7 mines 37 mins in front of  2nd and 3rd place as you can see in the picture Phil is at the back [hope I am right ] following some talented riders but later on Phil took on the challenge and went to the front and pulled away this takes some doing because at the front you do not get any help this is a remarkable achievement and Phil says a lot of his strength and stamina comes from the fact that Queensbury runners make him work hard up them bloody hills his words He He but we all know having been out on bike rides with Phil he his a bloody good bike rider my words well done from all at the club.phil hills

Park Run Results 10-10-15

Bradford Park Run                       Time                      Position                      Cat                  PB

Andy Dovernor                             19.07                     3rd

Peter My                                         21.50                     22nd

Stacey Cleal                                  24.43                     78th                        5th F

Sharan Loughran                         29.27                     203rd                     40th F                PB

Gurjit Kaur                                     33.21                      272nd                    78th F

Michelle Greenland                     36.02                      321st                     114th F


Halifax Shroggs Park

Chris Williams                             16.54                       1st

Andy Stott                                     19.59                       4th                                                     PB

Glenn Thornton                            25.52                      36th                                                   PB

Stephen Brook                             26.35                      38th

Daniel Moore                               26.40                      40th                                                    PB


Oakhall Park

Steve Wilby                                 27.55                        61st


Horton Park

Philip Lickley                              23.32                        8th                                                    PB

Rob Glover                                 26.56                         24th                                                 PB

Another fantastic weekend for Queensbury running club at the park runs well done to you all.

Park Run Results 3/10/15

Another great turn out this weekend at the local  park runs  from Queensbury Running Club with more PBs and a monthly prize winner Stacey Cleal.

Bradford Park Run .results.

Name                                           Time                                    Position                       PB

Peter May                                    21.31                                   33rd

Stacey Cleal                               23.38                                   76th    5th F                PB     Monthly Park Run Prize Winner

Abbie Cleal                                 24.57                                   117th  14th F

Rob Glover                                  27.01                                   184th                          PB

Andrew Tempest Mitchell         28.20                                    216th

Total Runners 455.


Horton Park

Carl Heron                                  20.05                                    3rd                                PB

Richard Brook                            20.53                                    5th                                PB

Stephen Brook                           24.11                                    14th                              PB

Glen Thornton                            27.41                                    25th

Total Runners  77


Halifax Shroggs Park

Sharan   Loughran                   28.36                                     47th    11th F

Total Runners 101

Well done to everyone.





Airedale Athletics Offroad Winter Challenge fixtures

Airedale Athletics Offroad fixtures to the end of November are:


11/10/2015 Withins Skyline
24/10/2015 Pain Barrier
24/10/2015 Great Whernside Joker
01/11/2015 Cop Hill
08/11/2015 Wadsworth Half Trog Joker
21/11/2015 Harriers v Cyclists

For a full list of fixtures to the end of March, links to more information and details of points workings please follow this link.  We hope there will be something here for everyone over the winter season.

Kirkstall Abbey 7 27.9.15

Andrew Smith was the only Queensbury runner to race at the Kirkstall Abbey 7 he did well considering he has been struggling in training with a few niggles here and there but still completed the race in a time of 1.12.56 position 335 and his race number was 335 so next time get number one well done Andy.IMG_20150927_091808496 IMG_20150927_112119866

Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k 27-9-15

Fantastic turn out for Queensbury Running Club at the ever popular Bradford 10k this morning conditions were good for the runners and supporters and these pictures taken by Graham Jowett show that all had a great time.

First home for Queensbury  Time               Overall              Cat                      Male                      Female

Chris Williams                         34.12              Open

Martin Firth                               37.40              36th                  2nd mv 50         34th

Richard Brook                         41.11              72nd                   21st mv40         65th

Joanne Horan                         42.26              92nd                  8th Fs                                                10th

Stacey Cleal                            44.50              145th                 5th Fv 40                                           17th

Stephen Brook                        47.48              189th                 8th Mv 60           163rd

Mary Saunders                       53.47              337th                 38th Fs                                               65th

Julie Hepworth                        54.03              342nd                26th Fv 40                                        71st

Mary Saunders and Richard Brook both ran a PB congratulations.

Well done everyone
12027130_1504018929909910_3318989145300869955_o 12027336_1504018849909918_1528924500604555203_o 12032765_1504018756576594_558734917253394513_o 12027319_1504018696576600_4114383698608525188_o 12006449_1504018556576614_6159459847896886227_o 11999678_1504018483243288_3747832383934723244_o 11013329_1504018429909960_6455432650753881959_o 12068726_1504018393243297_6002928069360324783_o 11219457_1504018316576638_7775680251433148392_o 12001065_1504018233243313_1037020025971717611_o 12045392_1504018179909985_1974618731140097503_o 12068491_1504018106576659_1993348535509651920_o 12068821_1504018013243335_6044341830778095168_o 12045320_1504017969910006_5957538603863320850_o 12047099_10153602351663396_5736729223669779213_n 12074882_10153602294918396_6079961822262348359_n



Queensbury Running Club Park Run Results 26-9-15

Shroggs Park Run         Time          Position

Andy Dovernor               19.09         6th

Mick Coe                          20.45        10th

Simon Thomas                25.35        33rd        New PB     Well done

Stephen Brook                 27.17       41st

Sharon Loughran            28.23       45th

Katie Brook                       31.00       58th

Richard Brook                  31.02       59th


Horton Park Run

Rob Glover                       27.32        23rd        New PB Well done

Diane Simpson               30.36        31st

Gurjit Kaur                        33.41        39th


Bradford Park Run

Stacey Cleal                     26.15        101st

Well done to all of you great running.IMG_20150926_084701549_HDR IMG_20150926_084810876 IMG_20150926_085219972 STACEY CLEAL FINISHING BEEFYS NAB 2015 image2




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