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The Great Yorkshire Wineathon

Could do with more races like this Gary-Bev and Lynn look like they have had a great time even though this race is eight miles long on trail and hills the pain is eased by the fact that there are wine stops along the way beats water any time and makes for a great day out.

Gary Morritt  completed the run full of wine in a time of 1.43.00

Lynn and Bev finished in 2.11.00

Well done to all three must be really hard to run with all that wine inside you He He
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Park Runs 19/09/15

This weekend 10 Queensbury runners were at three different park runs with terrific positions and times with no less than six PBs

Horton Park                            Position                 Time

Chris Williams                       1st                           17.49

Martin Firth                            3rd                           19.28


Stephen Brook                     23rd                         24.29            PB

Glenn Thornton                   34th                          26.14            PB

Julie Hepworth                    45th                          27.06            PB

Rob Glover                           46th                          27.32

Andrew Smith                       67th                         30.42             PB


Stacey Cleal                         75th                          24.26

Abbie Cleal                           82nd                        24.44             PB

Gurjt Kaur                              279th                       33.15             PB

Great running everyone


Beefy’s Nab and Airedale Athletics Offroad Trophy

Mick coe wharfdale half 2
Mick Coe at the Wharfedale Half Marathon in June

Congratulations to Mick Coe, who has won the Airedale Athletics Offroad Trophy for the summer season.  After running six tough races including the Wharfedale Half Marathon and Pendle Three Peaks he consolidated his win with sixth place at Beefy’s Nab on 20 September.  It was no easy victory, with fewer than 70 points separating the leading three at the finish.  Matt Fielding, Stacey Cleal, Lee Hipwell and Anna Smith were also among the first ten individual league runners and Queensbury finished a good third in the team league behind Baildon and Saltaire Striders.  In all 17 Queensbury runners put the team points together, a terrific turnout for some beautiful but challenging events.

Five Queensbury runners took part in Beefy’s Nab, short but with a hard climb at the start and a rough descent to the finish.  Declan Craven was in third place at the top of the Nab, finishing an excellent fifth overall.  Matt Fielding was just outside the top ten in 11th place after the rigours of the the Yorkshireman marathon the previous weekend.  Stacey Cleal at 18th narrowly missed a category prize and Abbie Cleal (24th) ran a good confident race to finish minutes ahead of her 2014 time.

Full results for Beefy’s Nab are here.

The final points for the Airedale Athletics Off-Road Summer Challenge are here.

If you do any of the Airedale Athletics offroad fixtures your points are automatically added to the individual and team league tables.  These are the first fixtures for the winter season – there will be about 15 between October and March so you can choose events that suit you and your best six scores count.  More details will be out soon but meanwhile please check online for information including kit requirements.


Sun 11/10/2015 Withins Skyline
Sat 24/10/2015 Pain Barrier
Sat 24/10/2015 Great Whernside
Sun 01/11/2015 Cop Hill
Sun 08/11/2015 Wadsworth Half Trog


Yorkshireman Full And Half Marathon

What a fantastic weekend for Queensbury Runners competing in the Park Runs-Great North Run and the Yorkshireman Full and Half Marathon hosted by Keighley and Craven this race is well organized and well marshalled and a credit to the efforts of Keighley running members.

Lets start with the half Marathon which is 14.8 miles long starts with a climb to the withins from Haworth tough to say the least but a challenge met by Stacy Cleal and Matt Thornton both ran a great race and finished within a minute off each other.

Stacy was 100th overall in a time of 2.27.37

Matt was 104th overall in a time of 2.28.31

There were 254 runners in the half so Stacy and Matt were well up there well done.


Eight Queensbury runners attempted the full marathon seven completed the distance first home for Queensbury was Carl Heron another superb effort I think this is Carl’s favourite race he just keeps coming back followed by Philip Robinson who is in training for a triathlon had a great run Matt Fielding who had enough equipment on his back to get up mount everest and back ran a good steady race with a smile on his face well at least for the cameras Anna Smith strong as ever Anna just keeps going Chris Rushworth had a good steady run Chris just seems to get round even though his preparation has not been the best and for me I think someone shot me at 18 miles or that’s what it felt like so that was the end for me.

Graham Jowett and Karl Chamberlain ran the marathon in the pairs category Graham asked Karl if he would pair up with him in the marathon and Karl had no hesitation and said yes Karl promised not to do his usual and sprint off and I think he kept that promise although one of the pictures shows him going in front but I think that must have been to open the gates he he and as for Graham if you ever need inspiration look no further than Graham no challenge is too much he just keeps going and going even as I was writing this three days after the race Graham ran past the house with a back pack on waving and smiling and going at a good pace and no doubt ran to work that morning.

One final word I and other members have run for Queensbury for a long time and at no time have we experienced the support from other members like we did on Sunday they were popping up all over the place shouting support and taking pictures very humbling this shows that this club is going places so a big thank you from the runners.

Results for the Marathon

Carl Heron                 Time      4.12.04            Position    17th

Philip Robinson                       4.36.09                              33rd

Matt Fielding                            4.47.01                              54th

Anna Smith                              5.19.38                              100th

Chris Rushworth                      5.46.32                              116th

140 ran the Full Marathon


Karl Chamberlain- Graham Jowett

5.10.03 13th overall out of 27 teams

Updated Airedale Athletics points are here.

all pics yorkshiremanStacy ymhanna ymChris ymPhil tmStart yhmMatt and Stacy yhm Matt ym Karl Graham ym Graham Karl ym Carl ym Anna ymm Anna ym

Park run results 13/09/15

Horton Park                Time            Position

Steve Searle              20.09           3RD       PB

Andrew Stott              20.14            4TH        PB

Abbie Cleal                25.05            23RD    3RD Female



Rob Glover                27.46           32ND

Julie Hepworth         28.03           33RD      4TH Female

Stephen Brook         31.19           50TH

Andrew Smith           34.03          64TH

Well done to all if anyone as any pictures please forward to

Tour of Norland Moor

©Simon Higginbottom
©Simon Higginbottom

Four QRC members joined a small cohort of 87 for the Tour of Norland Moor on Sunday. Congratulations to Stacey who was the 3rd placed female runner and 1st in the F45 category. All those long training runs are paying off. After a niggling injury, Mick had a good run and he was only 30 seconds behind last year’s time. Matt was not far behind and Mary, recovering from illness, came in just over the hour.


The men’s race was won by Rob James (Royton Road Runners) in 37.51. The women’s race was won by Stainland Lions’ Tanya Seager in 40.21. Tanya was placed 6th overall and is running so well that only the best male runners can beat her in her current form.


Position Name Time
22 Mick Coe 46.24 (2nd M50)
28 Matt Fielding 47.30
47 Stacey Cleal 53.03 (3rd Female and 1st F45)
73 Mary Saunders 62.32


The 10K Tour of Norland Moor fell/trail race is organized by Halifax Harriers and is a category BM race (according to the FRA, a category B race should average not less than 25 metres climb per kilometer and should not have more than 30% of the race distance on road; the M stands for Medium distance of 10-20 km).

The full results can be found here.

Updated Airedale Athletics points are here.  As the season enters its final month Mick has a narrow lead in the individual points table with Lee Hipwell and Matt Fielding also among the first ten runners. Many congratulations.


Park Run results (29th August 2015)

One more to go Karol!
One more to go Karol!

Fourteen park runners took part in four local runs on Saturday. Two fine personal bests by Rocky Brook and Simon Thomas at Halifax. Karol Whettlock completed her 99th park run and Stacey Cleal chalked up her 129th. For those of us still to reach double figures those are remarkable achievements.


Halifax parkrun

View full results for Halifax parkrun event #25


Gender Position Name Run Time
9 Richard BROOK 21:00 (PB!)
29 Simon THOMAS 25:59 (PB!)
6 Claire BAGGLEY 26:07
13 Zoe HIPWELL 28:40
16 Sharan LOUGHRAN 29:47
41 Karol WHETTLOCK 48:06


Bradford parkrun

View full results for Bradford parkrun event #273


Gender Position Name Run Time
8 Stacey CLEAL 25:46
11 Abbie CLEAL 26:07
116 Stephen BROOK 26:25


Oakwell Hall parkrun

View full results for Oakwell Hall parkrun event #57


Gender Position Name Run Time
49 Stephen WILBY 27:45


Horton Park parkrun

A total of 45 runners took part.

View full results for Horton Park parkrun event #14


Gender Position Name Run Time
2 Martin John FIRTH 19:40
4 Andrew STOTT 20:57
10 Philip LICKLEY 24:22
22 Rob GLOVER 28:24



Pendle Three Peaks


Many congratulations to Mick Coe for his run at the very tough Pendle Three Peaks on 22 August.  His time of 2:08:16 over the 9.8 mile, 2,800ft course shows how challenging the event was: after an arduous route over terrain that is unlike anything in the local area the final ascent was the enormously steep Big End of Pendle Hill.

Mick is second in the individual league with an event in hand and several other Queensbury runners, especially Lee Hipwell, Graham Jowett and Matt Fielding, have had excellent races to move Queensbury into third team place as the season enters its final weeks.  Full results are here.

Draft winter fixtures

If you’d like to include other events or if you have any other suggestions please let Anna Smith know.

Sun 11/10/2015 Withins Skyline
Sat 24/10/2015 Pain Barrier
Sat 24/10/2015 Great Whernside
Sun 01/11/2015 Cop Hill
Sun 08/11/2015 Wadsworth Half Trog
Sat 14/11/2015 Tour of Pendle Joker
Sat 21/11/2015 Harriers v Cyclists
Sun 13/12/2015 Mytholmroyd
Sun 20/12/2015 Stoop
Sat 26/12/2015 Chevin Chase
Sun 27/12/2015 Jolly Holly Jog
Fri 01/01/2016 Giant’s Tooth
Stanbury Splash
Wadsworth Trog Joker
Ilkley Fell Race
Ian Roberts Memorial
Midgley Moor
Heptonstall Joker

Park Run results (22nd August 2015)

park run


Fourteen runners turned out for Saturday’s park run at six different locations including Steve Searle and Richard Brook who surfaced at Sewerby in East Yorkshire. The QRC Parkrunners of the week are Chris Hanson who recorded a PB at Oakwell Hall in 25.33 and Andy Dovernor who is getting quicker every week with a fantastic 19.00 at Halifax. Well done to all who ran and thanks to all the volunteers too!


Halifax parkrun

View full results for Halifax parkrun event #24


Gender Position Name Time
2 Andrew DOVERNOR 19:00
8 Julie HEPWORTH 28:39
15 Bronte SIMPSON 30:36
31 Simon THOMAS 27:06
33 Lucy REYNOLDS 37:02
37 Rob GLOVER 28:17
37 Tamara SWAN 41:05


Bradford parkrun

View full results for Bradford parkrun event #272


Gender Position Name Time
26 Abbie CLEAL 27:45
33 Stacey CLEAL 28:15
107 Andrew TEMPEST-MITCHELL 27:33


Sewerby parkrun

View full results for Sewerby parkrun event #197


Gender Position Name Time
9 Steve SEARLE 20:39
15 Richard BROOK 21:41


Skipton parkrun

View full results for Skipton parkrun event #105


Gender Position Name Time
38 Stephen BROOK 25:16


Oakwell Hall parkrun

View full results for Oakwell Hall parkrun event #56


Gender Position Name Time
31 Chris HANSON 00:25:33


Horton Park parkrun

View full results for Horton Park parkrun event #13


Gender Position Name Run Time
3 Andrew STOTT 00:20:52