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Parkrun Results: 14/11/2015

This week saw 15 Queensbury RC runners participate at 4 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB?
Stacey Cleal Bradford parkrun 23:44 42nd
Bronte Simpson Bradford parkrun 28:56 146th Yes!
Andrew Stott Halifax parkrun 19:52 5th
Michael Coe Halifax parkrun 20:25 7th
Richard Brook Halifax parkrun 20:46 8th Yes!
Neil Windle Halifax parkrun 24:39 22nd
Glenn Thornton Halifax parkrun 25:53 34th
Julie Hepworth Halifax parkrun 26:17 37th Yes!
David Hepworth Halifax parkrun 26:38 39th
Sharan Loughran Halifax parkrun 27:58 45th
Charlotte Wilkinson Halifax parkrun 29:11 48th
Steve Searle Horton Park parkrun 21:20 5th
Craig Hawes Horton Park parkrun 25:29 21st Yes!
Chris Hanson Horton Park parkrun 25:35 22nd
Stephen Wilby South Bank parkrun 28:14 148th

Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Well done to Bronte Simpson for making her first Parkrun reappearance after 12 weeks. Will we see you next Saturday?
  • Sharan Loughran has run the most Parkruns without missing a single week, with 8 consecutive runs. Can she keep hold of this title?!
    • This record was previously held by Stephen Brook, who managed 12 weeks without a break.
  • Craig Hawes has run his 20th Parkrun. Keep it up!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 4 runners who achieved a PB.

Parkrun Results 07/11/2015

This week saw 19 Queensbury RC runners participate at 6 courses.

Name Course Time Position PB?
Peter May Bradford 21:56 24th
Stacey Cleal Bradford 23:50 52nd
Andrew Tempest-Mitchell Bradford 28:15 137th
Carrie Baker Bradford 49:31 288th
Stephen Wilby Dunedin 30:28 37th
David Hunt Halifax 18:29 2nd
Michael Coe Halifax 19:42 4th Yes!
Andrew Stott Halifax 20:09 5th
Ben Charlesworth Halifax 21:49 14th Yes!
David Hepworth Halifax 26:36 48th Yes!
Julie Hepworth Halifax 26:38 49th Yes!
Glenn Thornton Halifax 26:45 50th
Sharan Loughran Halifax 28:21 55th
Matt Thornton Halifax 39:25 81st
Martin John Firth Horton Park 19:43 2nd
Chris Hanson Horton Park 26:27 18th
Craig Hawes Horton Park 26:33 19th
Stephen Brook Huddersfield 25:17 140th
Gurjit Kaur Reading 32:39 162nd Yes!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 5 runners who achieved a PB. Steven Wilby again wins the award for the most exotic course, running at Dunedin Botanic Garden in New Zealand, which is a cool 11,789 miles away – phew!

The White Rose Ultra 30 miles 1-11-15

Matt Fielding ran the White Rose Ultra at the weekend Matt says the weather was pretty damn hot by midday the toughest section of the course is one I am familiar with from competing in the Wessenden king of the hill event so I knew what to expect it just so happened to be at the 20 mile mark when most runners are hitting the wall and the hottest part of the day just to had to the pain.It took me 5hrs 47mins a fab event I would recommend this race to the club.

Well done Matt from all the club.
matt 1

Park Run Results 31-10-15


Name                              Position                              Time

Alistair Galt                     1st                                      18.35 PB

Andrew Stott                   3rd                                      19.48 PB

Michael Coe                   5th                                       20.13 PB

Ben Charlesworth          18th                                    22.18 PB

Stephen Brook               40th                                     25.43

Julie Hepworth               46th  8th F                          26.47 PB

David Hepworth             47th                                     27.01 PB

Glenn Thornton              48th                                      27.10

Charlotte Wilkinson       54th  11th F                        28.24

Matt Thornton                  91st                                      36.38

Lucy Reynolds                98th 37th F                         39.35

107 Finishers



Steve Searle                      22nd                                      21.17

Stacey Cleal                      67th     3rd F                        23.48

Diane Simpson                 242nd 58th F                       29.46

Gurjit Kaur                          320th  106th F                     32.27 PB

Michelle Greenwood       348th  125th F                      34.38

Michelle Baird                   404th 170th F                       39.32

441 Finishers





Sharan Loughran              111th 19th F                          27.54

227 Finishers


Horton Park

David Hunt                         1st                                         19.11

Rob Glover                         24th                                       27.42

54 Finishers







QRC Racing Down Under

steve down under 2 steve-down-underSome members of our running club don’t half get about and recently Steve Wilby has been flying the QRC flag in Australia. The Parkrun phenomenon is slowly taking over the world, reaching as far as Albert Park in Melbourne, where Steve ran last weekend. This is not, I hasten to add, Albert Parkrun in Middlesborough, but somewhere much more exotic.

The course is just over one full lap of the lake on a loose, gravelly surface and is only a stone’s throw away from where the Australian Grand Prix is held. Steve powered his way to a time of 26:26, earning him 148th position out of 331 participants.

On the following day, Steve went on to complete the Spring into Shape 10K, which is a 2-lap course surrounding the River Yarra. The path runs down one side of the river, crossing over a bridge, up the other side and over another bridge and back to the start and repeat. Unusually, there were many more ladies than men running, with organisers providing separate results for male and female. Steve achieved a great time of  54:29 for 62nd place out of 102 men and there were 172 ladies. Temperatures were in the high 20s, but luckily much of the course was shaded.

The question is: where will he find himself next?

Park Run results 24.10.15

Albert Park Melbourne

Name                        Position            Gen               Time

Steve Wilby                148th               115th              26.36

Halifax Shroggs Park

Richard Brook             5th                   4th                 21.09

Stephen Brook            31st                  27th               27.17

Sharan Loughran         39th                  7th                 29.36

Bradford Park Run

Steve Searle               31st                  27th                21.37

Stacey Cleal               65th                  7th                  23 07       PB

Andrew Mitchell           194th                151st               28.12.

Well done to all of you.

Holmfirth 10k 25.10.15

Anna Smith raced at the Holmfirth 10k on Sunday and what a great performance on what were  perfect conditions.Anna was in great form to come high up in the finish order and win her age cat in this championship race.

Position   27th

Female    5th

Cat         1st fv 50

Great running Anna.anna borrowdale