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Leeds Abbey Dash 4th Nov 2018

One of the UK’s well known, popular 10k’s, the Leeds Abbey Dash was back for its 33rd year of running and the organisers were hoping for it to be the best yet. The 10k route is perfect for beginners and experienced runners alike, due to it’s flat, PB busting course. 

The race, which incorporated the 2018 England Athletics 10km Championships, continued its reputation as one of the best-quality 10km events in Britain as the first 7 men broke 30 minutes on chip time. A total of 32 athletes finished inside 31 minutes, while the 1st lady home smashed out a 33:30.

The course, starting on Wellington Street heads out of the city along Kirkstall Rd to the Abbey, where runners turn and head back past the TV studio’s, over the flyover and onto the Headrow to finish in front of the town hall steps cheered on by hundreds of spectators lining the finish area. 

Well done all 20 QRCers who took part and  we hope you enjoyed your racing.  


Gary Rowling

  711 M Queensbury Running Club


00:37:07 00:36:53

Joanna Lockwood

  2895 F Queensbury Running Club


00:47:39 00:47:04

Lee Hipwell

  1158 M Queensbury Running Club


00:48:49 00:47:22

Michael Peel

  1157 M Queensbury Running Club


00:51:28 00:50:03

Gillian Jago

  1789 F Queensbury Running Club


01:01:54 00:52:50

Jodie Ansell

  4515 F Queensbury Running Club


01:03:29 00:56:56

Jo Robinson

  3854 F Queensbury Running Club


01:03:29 00:56:57

Michelle Greenwood

  5502 F Queensbury Running Club


01:05:22 00:55:35

Helen Trevisani

  3855 F Queensbury Running Club


01:12:12 00:57:39

Jo Bottomley

  8153 F Queensbury Running Club


01:16:20 01:01:47

Dianne Simpson

  8154 F Queensbury Running Club


01:16:20 01:01:47

Gordon Brown

  6158 M Queensbury Running Club


01:19:44 01:04:03

Samantha Lawton

  8152 F Queensbury Running Club


01:19:53 01:05:20

Sharan Loughran

  10375 F Queensbury Running Club


01:22:27 01:04:38

Michelle Shepherd

  7559 F Queensbury Running Club


01:23:06 01:09:29



Jane Skudder

  8592 F Queensbury Running Club


01:33:12 01:13:58

Louise Hayton

  10019 F Queensbury Running Club


01:33:25 01:14:11

Angela Waddington

  10225 F Queensbury Running Club


01:38:45 01:19:29

Helen Gibbons

  10444 F Queensbury Running Club


01:40:29 01:21:15

Joanne Punt

  10488 F Queensbury Running Club


01:46:23 01:27:07


Awesome stuff guys.

Guy Fawkes 10 4th Nov 2018

A hilly 10 mile course on a mixture of scenic country roads and well surfaced bridleway finishing in the stunning grounds of Ripley Castle. 4 QRCers runners travelled over to Ripley near Harrogate with all coming away with fantastic times on a tough course. 

13th place.Paul Greenwood 1.03.11 (2nd MV35)
46th place Simon Brady 1.09.29 (3rd MV50)
367th place Julie Hepworth 1.29.36
765th place David Hepworth 1.58.04

Well done and a fantastic effort by all.

Dave, Julie, Simon and Paul


Bradford City Runs 28th Oct 2018

It turned out to be a great day for racing weather wise and 19 QRCers turned up in City Square for the the annual festival of running held on traffic-free, closed roads around City Park and the beuatiful city centre  of Bradford.

With a  5k, 10k and half marathon to choose from there was something for everyone from beginner to seasoned athlete. 

QRC had a great turn out with 27 of you pounding the streets over the 3 distances. 


Pos. Name Net Time Gun Time  
57 Peter Wood 0:27:35 0:27:51  
72 Stephen Wilby 0:29:34 0:29:44  


Pos. Name Net Time Gun Time  
7 Gary Rowling (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:38:14 0:38:15  
12 Simon Brady (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:40:57 0:40:59  
28 Richard Brook (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:45:01 0:45:05  
63 Stephen Brook (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:50:18 0:50:25  
99 Sam Lyness (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 0:55:34 0:55:41  
155 Garrie Wider (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:01:07 1:01:39  
167 Claire Gearie (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:02:36 1:03:03  
175 Sharon Elliott (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:03:56 1:04:14  
176 David Elliott (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:03:56 1:04:14  
177 Elizabeth Bagheri (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:03:55 1:04:23  
181 Louise Foxall (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:04:33 1:05:00  
209 Kirsty Russell (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:07:47 1:08:14  
212 Michelle Shepherd (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:09:24 1:09:50  
216 Liz Thompson (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:11:18 1:11:26  
217 Tracey Stewart (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:11:18 1:11:26  
229 Louise Hayton (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:17:47 1:18:13


Pos. Name Net Time Gun Time  
9 Carl Heron (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:27:33 1:27:36  
12 Martin Firth (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:30:27 1:30:29  
40 Joanna Lockwood (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:44:49 1:44:52  
43 Philip Lickley (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:47:51 1:47:54  
51 James Kilkenny (QUEENSBURY RUNNING CLUB) 1:51:05 1:51:11

Well done to all that ran and we hope you enjoyed your racing. 

The Bronte Way 28th October 2018

Andy Smith showed true grit by entering this fell race oragnised by Keighley and Craven AC, starting at Wycoller Country Park in Trawden, Colne runners raced point to point on this category BM route over 7.5 miles with over 1150ft of climbing to finish at the Fleece Inn, Haworth.

Andy had a great race finishing well in 171st place with a fanatsic time of 1:54:28.

Well done pal, great stuff.

Andy enjoying his running again.


Peltz Delamere night runner trail race 27th Oct 2018

A clear, dry, cold evening gave us the start to the 2018-19 series in Delamere Forest. All the runners outdid themselves with their fancy dress efforts and the theme for Delamere was “Spooky Halloween”.

Delamere is a great trail running venue and the 10k course was marked with reflective signs. All you needed was a heard torch to light your path and some ‘grippy’ shoes to deal with the mud! 

Well done to Leanne, Julie, Gillian and David for taking part and I’m sure there’ll be more to come. 

Leanne 52:44

Julie 57:01

Gillian 58:07

David 1:14:25

Awesome stuff and great outfits. 

Holmfirth 15 21st October 2018

The Holmfirth 15 mile race is an undulating historic 2 lap course with this years race incorporating the Yorkshire Veterans AA 15 Mile Road Race Championships.

Well done Simon Brady for racing for Queensbury and finishing in 20th place with a time of 1:48:05 and 3rd MV50 and with a 1st place MV50 in the YVAA competition. 

Well done Simon grreat stuff. 

No photos as yet

Scarborough 10k 21st October 2018

A 10k race which is almost flat with a massive 25m of climb throughout, starting at the Spa Complex in Scarborough, heading North around the the Castle Headland, past the miniture railway station, turning at the Sea Life Centre runners then headed back to the Spa Complex to finish.  

The weekend also featured 2 fun run courses of 2.5km and 1.6km allowing all the family to take part and enjoy the atmosphere.

Well done to the Brooks for entering for 10th time and also to Gordon Brown for making the trip over to the East coast. 

Richard Brook 46:05

Stephen Brook 50:33 (2ndMV70)

Gordon Brown 1:04:01

Well done guys great running.


St Aidens Trail Half 21st October 2018

Just like the East Leeds 10K, but more so! This is the trail half marathon that takes you round not one but two nature reserves!

Following on from the success of the East Leeds 10K (now known as the St Aidan’s 10K), we now bring you a trail half marathon that starts (and finishes) at St Aidan’s RSPB nature reserve but also takes in Fairburn Ings RSPB nature reserve.

The course starts close to the RSPB visitor centre at St Aidan’s Nature Reserve and follows the River Aire for a spin around Fairburn Ings before returning back to St Aidan’s.

Well done Vicki Trudgill for racing  for QRC and finishing 158th with a time of 2:07:36.

Well done lass

Sheffield City 10k 14th Oct 2018

Last but by no means least a flat 2 lap course around Rother Valley Country Park, this course is full of promises of a PB and with entry on the day available surely this is a race for our C25K group to think about for next year.

Phillip Whetlock made the trip south and raced in the orange and green, unfortunately the organisers didn’t take into account that it might actually rain on race day and all their timing gear packed in.

So we’ll have to take Phillip’s word for it (I’m sure he’s good for it) when he says he ran the 10.23km course (rain affected measuring aswell) in a time of 50:20.

Well done Phillip


Manchester Half 14th Oct 2018

The third annual Manchester Half took place on Sunday 14 October welcoming thousands of runners and spectators to the streets of Trafford. The skies were grey and the roads wet, but this did not dampen the spirits of over 10,000 runners who took part in the famously flat, fast and friendly course. With only a 41metre elevation across the 13.1mile course, Manchester Half has become the race of choice for beginners, charity runners and elite athletes looking for a PB or qualifying time.

4 of our ladies took part and like many of you, all looked to be having a blast. Well done! what a great weekend of running by QRC.

Gillian Jago 1:55:13

Amanda Drury-Berry 2:14:54

Anna Sabey 2:14:54

Helen Trevisani 2:18:15