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Pre-Xmas Success!!!!!…and Post-Xmas Training!!

We had 4 representatives at the Bradford Airedale club’s 4 mile road handicap race, last Sunday December 21- Dianne and Brontë Simpson, Maria Rhodes, and myself (Martin). The handicapper based our staggered setting off times on this year’s race form, so, in theory, we should all have crossed the finish line together! Well..the event was won …by DIANNE!!!!!! Huge congratulations to her!!..Maria came 3rd, brilliantly holding me off at the finish (legally!) – I was 4th – and Brontë came in very strongly not many metres at all behind me in 6th – had she been aware of me closing her down, I’m certain she would have held me off!!!! This was great day for our club, and spoke volumes for our Beginners’ Group – the event reflected the superb progression we see, week in week out, within it. Well done Brontë, Maria and Dianne!…you did us proud!

AND….today, Boxing Day, we had ELEVEN of our Beginners Group come along for training!!…maybe to escape the kitchen/husband/kids??!!….NO!!!!…NEVER!!!! …to end the year on a high note  with some serious training! Our main group ran a summer favourite…down to Keelham Corner, down Thornton Road, Great North Trail (did anyone come across the ghost of “Fair Becca”, whilst crossing Thornton Viaduct!!?), and the delightfully rural, if somewhat notoriously hilly, Pit Lane! Our novice group (who have improved out of all sight since summer ended) ran down Pit Lane onto Thornton Viaduct, then did the route in reverse up to the clubhouse…some action pics are on our Facebook page, “Queensbury Running Club Beginners’ Group”…please visit and “like” if you have not done so already!


Merry Christmas!!

Xmas Arrangements!

Congratulations to all our runners who took part in the West Yorkshire Winter League off-road “mudbath” at Mirfield, and in the Reindeer Run in Saltaire (hope it was snow-free!). Just wish to point out that we are having to cancel training this coming Thursday, December 11th, as 26 of us will be at a  Xmas meal and disco at Sandal’s Farm. We shall resume on Thursday December 18th, and then re-convene, for those who wish to, on Boxing day morning, meeting at 10.00am.Thanks, Martin.

..after the Xmas party comes the exercise!!

Looking ahead, slightly, Jo Bottomley has come up with a great idea for burning off those excess Xmas Day calories (and a chance to escape from the family for a while!!) …a Boxing Day morning training run , from the clubhouse (to replace our Thursday evening run falling on Xmas Day). Possibly 10/10-30am? Gives everyone a lie in & chance for the excesses of Christmas Day to settle, we’d still be done for lunchtime so everyone can go to Boxing Day teas still . Jo was also thinking that for routes we all choose the “favourites” from the year? As it’ll be daylight it would give us chance to revisit some of the summer favourites that we can’t do at the minute. We will have the football facilities all to ourselves – I have the necessary keys (including the one for the car park gate lock) ! If you are not on facebook, just let Martin know your thoughts/ideas next time you attend training. The run is open to EVERYONE at Queensbury Running Club (and anyone else who wishes to come along!), and we will operate our usual range of ability groups.

Christmas Party!!..and club t-shirts!!

Vikki Bean has very kindly checked out things for a Xmas party for us! At training last Thursday, it was decided to book at Sandal’s Farm (meal + disco), just a short hop down the road from our headquarters, for Thursday evening December 11th..cost is £17.99 per person. If interested, please let Martin Firth know (, or mobile 07724127743)  and bring Vikki a £10 deposit per person next Thursday November 27th at training. Our club t-shirts have also arrived ..£6 for club members, £9 for non-members….we will have them available for purchase from next Thursday onwards!

Tour of Pendle


The ups and downs of this 16.8m 4800′ route get tougher and steeper as the race goes on but the spot-on organisation was clear from the first.  We arrived in Barley to find bunches of numbered tags set out ready in meticulous order, maps, previous times, tea, coffee, T shirts and more.  As the race wore on jokes gradually gave way to a different kind of comradeship as runners paused to help others who fell or stopped, and friendly marshalls waited hours to collect the numbered tags at checkpoints.  The descents are precipitous but mossy and muddy, and sap strength from the legs.  Route-finding was a challenge in the mist although not being able to see down did prevent dizziness on the scrambles to the top.

Several runners from local clubs travelled to Pendle this year and had excellent races.  It was Anna’s second shot and her finish time of 3:49:10 was good enough for 2nd F50 (overall second place in the women’s race also being F50, an incredible 3:01:48 by Deborah Gowans of Accrington).  Full results here.

More autumn parkrun successes in Lister Park!

The threat of heavy mid-morning rain at this morning’s park run, at Lister Park, failed to put off our members!!…in fact, we had a very healthy turnout and a whole host of super times!! Our training routes can be a touch severe, at times, but they give ideal preparation for race day, especially if a race is on a none-too-flat course!(Lister Park??). Here’s today’s “roll of honour” :- Declan Craven 19.20 (a great 10th, and his 2nd best ever time!!); Craig Richardson 22.32 (.. = Assistant Run Leader Craig!..his début parkrun..very good time!); Aiden Cunningham 23.25 (Claire Baggley’s speedy son, on his first ever parkrun!); Matt Thornton 23.59 (a very quick PB by over a minute!!); Stacey Cleal 25.31 (her 11th best time in a whopping 93 parkruns!); Claire Baggley 26.01 (just 3 seconds outside her 2nd best ever time!); Glenn Thornton, aka Mr. PB!! (his FOURTH PB on the trot, and by 19 seconds!..PB’s seem to run in his family!!); Steve Brook 27.19 (his 3rd best time in 35 park runs!); Abbie Cleal 28.29 (her fastest time since July!); Maria Rhodes 30.03 – did her 4th best time chasing young son Preston round in a PB of 30.01 (his best time by 87 seconds, and 3rd PB in succession!!) – his brother Dexter ran a super 37.07 (2 mins 23 secs quicker than his last run) and pulled his Dad Kevin round in his 2nd best time of 37.09!! (two speedy sons, there…..great prospects!!) ; Brontë Simpson 30.27 (very consistent – her 5th best time in an amazing 47 parkruns!!); Dianne Simpson 31.01 (two and a half minutes QUICKER than when she joined our group 6 months ago!!); Leona Mydlowski 34.37 (her 2nd best ever time!!..only 11 seconds outside her PB!!), and Holly Cleal 47.36 (her 2nd best ever time..just 28 seconds outside her PB!!). Oh, and I ran 19.07, 8th (Martin Firth!)….rapidly becoming a “marker” for our quicker runners!! Apologies for all the details, but they show just how well we are performing and progressing, irrespective of ability level…the figures are suitable proof! Well done everybody!!

..more great parkrun performances and PB’s!!!

Well done to our five intrepid park runners, at Lister park, this blustery and damp autumn morning! I know several of us are saving our legs for the Bradford City Runs, in the morning, but we still had a very good representation, all considered! The results of the “Famous Five” are :- Declan (Super-Consistent) Craven a speedy 19.50 and a super 7th!!; Claire Baggley 25.53 (her PB by some 25 seconds!!); Glenn Thornton 27.52 (his PB by 39 seconds!!), Brontë Simpson 30.04 (her PB by 9 seconds!!), and Dianne McDonnell 43.14 (her 2nd best ever time!!). Congratulations to all of you on such amazing performances…all the indications are that 1. our training sessions are working, and 2. that you are also training in addition to our Thursday evenings!! Keep up the wonderful work!!

..and we continue to “breeze” along!

Tonight, in mild and breezy conditions,we had a great deal of very strong, energetic and infectiously enthusiastic running from our FOUR groups!! I t appears that our two Intermediate groups really do love our route to Keelham crossroads, left to the Keighley Road then back to base via Bradshaw!..especially when the stiff breeze helps to push one up the final climb!! Our two novice groups, in heading to Bradshaw Church (and back!) had very energetic workouts, too, and admirably displayed just how they are improving week by week! Very well done everybody!! We hope there’s still “fuel in the tank” for the weekend’s races – Saturday’s parkruns, and Sunday’s Bradford 5k, 10k and half-marathon races !! Good luck to all our competitors!!