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Sunday’s races 04/09/16

Today our QRC team raced in the LCW (Leeds Country Way) Relay and came in an impressive 6th. The LCW is a 62mi circular footpath that is raced in pairs over 6 legs. More details to follow as the results are published.

Andy Smith ran the Kirkwood Hospice 10k, which is a trail race around Leeds Road Sports Centre in Huddersfield. Andy finished in 56:42 and came 101st out of 215 runners.

Neil Windle raced the UKFast Salford 10k and crossed the line in a nippy 42:25.
Lizzie Wharton finished in 1:06:56 and Chris Vaughan and Lucy Reynolds finished in 1:12:02.

Steve Brook also ran in the Tholthorpe 10k and did so in a decent 49:54.

Well done to all who raced.


West Yorkshire 5

Well done to all you hunks and hunkettes who ran in the West Yorkshire 5 last Sunday. A 5 mile circular road race starting an finishing at the West Yorkshire Fire HQ.

Congratulations to Martin Firth for nailing 1st in the M50. Well done, sir!

Please see the attached photo for the results.



Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 22.09.03

York 10k

Evening All,

I’ve been a little lapse with my updates of recent so allow me to redeem myself with a couple of the more recent events.

Today was the York 10k. A flat, fast course taking runners on a tour past the York Minster, the city walls and attractions such as Clifford’s Tower and the Shambles. Starting and finishing at the Knavesmire, the York 10K is a fantastic challenge for all abilities.

We had quite a few of us running in this race as the results are as follows in the attached photo.

As always, well done all.


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 22.59.34

Run For All Leeds 10k 2016

Hello again,

Yesterday was the Run For All Leeds 10k. It’s and out and back road race from Leeds City Centre, along Kirkstall Road and back.

Again, we had quite a few Queensbury runners. If you ran and I’ve missed you off please let me know. See the photo below for the results.

Excellent effort by all who ran, well done.


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 20.17.08 Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 20.18.03

Helen Windsor 10k 2016

Evening gang,

Last Wednesday was the 2016 Helen Windsor 10k Race around Norland Moor.

Queensbury had a few runners who entered, results are as follows:

Position/ Name/ Club/ Age Cat/ Age Cat ranking

22 0:40:10 Peter Hughes Queensbury RC M60 1/6
37 0:42:38 Andrew Stott Queensbury R C M45 9/25
47 0:43:13 Richard Brock Queensbury RC M40 6/16
48 0:43:20 Neil Windle Queensbury Rc M40 7/16
56 0:43:55 Graham John Rhodes Queensbury R C M50 5/20
58 0:44:04 Peter May Queensbury R C M55 2/12
128 0:51:20 Darren Jack Queensbury R C M35 18/20
136 0:52:12 Stephen Brook Queensbury RC M65 2/5
159 0:55:40 Andrew Smith Queensbury R C M45 24/25

Well done to all that raced. Excellent running by Peter Hughes who won the M60 category but hard luck to Peter May who missed out winning the M55 by 2 seconds.



Eccup 10 and Halifax Half Marathon 2016

Evening runners,

Today saw two local (one more so than the other) races taking place.

The Eccup 10, a 10 mile undulating road race around the posh, north end of Leeds and the Halifax (Half) Marathon. a 13.1/26.2 mile hilly road race starting and finishing in the bowels of Halifax but taking in the dizzying heights of Roper Lane, Queensbury.

Please see the photos for the Eccup Race Results.

Halifax Half Marathon Results (sorry if I’m missed any out, the results are pretty poorly laid out)

Richard Brook Pos. 10 1:42:50
Rachel Kendall Pos. 45 2:05:29
Andy Smith Pos. 52 2:10:34

As always, well done to all that have raced.

Photos to be uploaded next.



Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 19.14.17

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 19.15.09

Bradford Millennium Way 2016

Good day to you all,

Yesterday saw QRC participate in the Bradford Millenium Way relay for the first time with not 1, not 2 but 3 teams.

The relay is set on the BMW around Bradford and taking in some stunning views. Mind you, when you run it you spend most of the time watching your footing but I’m told the views are there nonetheless. It is set over 5 legs with each leg run in pairs over various off road terrain for around 10 miles per leg.

Anyway, enough of the rambling, here is an overview of our results. The detailed spreadsheet can be found at the link below.

L – Leg time and position
T – Total time and position
QRC A – Overall position 8th out of 46
QRC Mixed – Overall position 24th out of 46
QRC B – Overall posision 41st out of 46

Highest positions held
QRC A were in 2nd place after leg 2
QRC Mixed were in 21st place after leg 5
QRC B were in 37th after leg 2

Leg 1
Chris Williams L 01:24:05 pos. 6
Alistair Galt T 01:24:05 pos. 6
QRC Mixed
Matt Thornton L 01:44:29 pos. 23
Joanne Horan T 01:44:29 pos. 23
Graham Jowett L 01:54:02 pos. 39
Graham Rhode T 01:54:02 pos. 39

Leg 2
Andy Dovernor L 01:12:45 pos. 5
David Hunt T 02:36:50 pos. 2
QRC Mixed
Peter May L 01:29:12 pos. 21
Lynne Robinson T 03:13:41 pos. 22
Chris Lane L 01:40:59 pos. 33
Glenn Thornton T 03:35:01 pos. 37

Leg 3
Steve Searle L 01:08:20 pos. 11
Matt Fielding T 03:45:10 pos. 5
QRC Mixed
Neil Windle L 01:13:03 pos. 22
Stacey Cleale T 04:26:44 pos. 22
Dianne Simpson L 01:36:19 pos. 40
Steve Wilby T 05:11:20 pos. 40

Leg 4
Andy Stott L 01:25:10 pos. 11
Peter Hughes T 05:10:20 pos. 7
QRC Mixed
Chris Rushworth L 01:30:52 pos. 23
Anna Smith T 05:57:36 pos. 21
Chris Brighouse-Johnson L 01:48:17 pos. 38
Philip Lickley T 06:59:37 pos. 40

Leg 5
Phil Robinson L 01:34:30 pos. 15
Carl Heron T 06:44:50 pos. 8
QRC Mixed
Anthony Lindsay-Yule L 01:50:32 pos. 34
Julie Hepworth T 07:48:08 pos. 24
Andrew Smith L 01:55:16 pos. 38
Andrew Tudor T 08:54:53 pos. 41

Full results can be found at:…/2…/06/2016-BMW-Results.xlsx

Well done to all that raced, especially to those that seldom run on anything other than tarmac. Its quite a bit different and somewhat tricker.

Love and kisses


John Carr – Race 2 – 11/05/16

Evening one and all,

A little belated, and for that I profusely apologise, but on Wednesday it was Race 2 of the John Carr series.

A fast paced, near flat series of 3 5k races on the Yorkshire Water estate near Esholt.

The last one is next Wednesday at 7:30pm. If you fancy giving it a go theres still chance to sign up and its a great chance at getting a PB. Check out the following link:

Please see results of our runners below.

Well done to all who raced. I’ll be back next week to try break the elusive 19:50.



Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 22.11.49