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The Cake Race on Marsden Moor Saturday 2nd May

Anna Smith ran at the cake race this weekend this race is a brilliant route taking in moorland terrain,peat tracks,and reservoir roads  the race is 9.9 miles long and includes  1699ft of climbing and a mile downhill to the finish you have to be a strong runner to get round this course Anna completed the run in 1-38-14 a fantastic effort Anna complimented Saddleworth Runners for taking good care of every runner providing plenty of marshals flags and a rope to get across the weir and the tea and cakes at the finish.anna borrowdale 

Up and coming races in the local area

Sunday 3rd May the Bluebell Trail Race 10m.

Wed 6th-13th-20th May the John Carr series 5k.

Any club member wanting information on these or other races please contact me also any club member that does a race please email me so I can put your results on the web site.


London Marathon

London Marathon
London Marathon

Chris Williams ran the London Marathon his aim was to try and go below a time of three hours this is a time most runners try to achieve to do this time you need to get plenty of  consistent training done and then get the race pace right on the day Chris did both and ran a superb  time of 2-47-47  a big congratulations to him from all the club well done.

Blackpool Half Marathon

Andy Stott ran the Blackpool Half Marathon the conditions were windy and was hard going when in your face but Andy still turned out a quality time 1.34.08 and got a PB his position in the race speaks for itself 67th out of 938 runners top effort well done.

Three Peaks Race

This race is possibly the hardest race to complete not only do you have to climb three very steep mountains you also have to run in what can be very bad weather conditions and you have to beat the cut off times at certain points on route the conditions today were  atrocious to say the least Gales Snow Mud and very cold so to complete the race and beat the cut off times was very difficult two Queensbury runners ran the race.

Ben Clare ran round in a time of 4hrs 10mins considering he was thinking of not running the race on Thursday due to lack of training he not only completed the run but Smashed his PB on the course by 10 mins so a big well done to him.

Anna Smith also put in a great effort but I think missed the cut off but all the same Anna  ran two of the mountains in the bad conditions that in its self is a superb effort so a big well done to her.

Well done to both runners.

Overgate Hospice 10k

This Sunday 13 Queensbury running club members ran the Overgate Hospice 10k what a fantastic turn out by the club also club members helped Marshall and support runners on route this race is very challenging with a 5k uphill start so well done to all the runners that got round the course you deserve a medal.

First home for the ladies was Jo Horan in a time of 46.10 Jo was the 1st open cat lady and second overall followed by.

Zoe Hipwell 52.51 21st overall.

Jo Bottomley 67.45 99th overall.

Kathryn Webb 72.10 109th overall.

Vikki Halliday 75.44  117th overall.

Rebecca Dillan 75.47 118th overall.

Vikki Bean 78.08 122nd overall.

Tom collinge ran the race and not only one but set a course record of 36.21 followed by.

Peter May 44.09 13th overall.2nd v55.

Andy Stott 44.22 15th overall 3rd v40

Craig Richardson 45.13 22 nd overall.

Graham Jowett 48.13 42nd  overall and 1st v60.

Graham Collinge 51.57 64th overall.

Well done to everyone runners helpers and supporters and a big thank you to Linda Crabtree for organizing such a great race.

Also Martin Firth raced the Manchester Marathon in a time of 2hrs  58 mins a tremendous effort and must rank him high in his age cat in the country a big well done to him.

If I have missed anyone or if you want me to put your results on the web page please email me.


Bunny Runs

The individual Bunny Runs are a series of three individual fell races, approximately 4.8 km in length with around 100 metres of climbing.

Bunny Run #1

Bunny Run #1 set off in cold and blustery conditions. Three of our Queensbury runners were there to tackle the hilly course.

  • Declan Craven being the first home for Queensbury, who ran a great time of 20.08 and was 36th overall.
  • Stacy Cleal was the first female home for the club in a time of 26.56 and 170th overall.
  • Abby Cleal was the second female home for the club in a time of 28.35 and was 188th overall.

Bunny Run #2

  • Bunny Run #2 set off in much better conditions, with the sun shining down on Penistone Hill.
  • Tom Collinge was first home for Queensbury in a time of 16.45 and was 13th overall.
  • Declan Craven was the second male for the club and ran a time of 21.03 and was 99th overall.
  • Stacy Cleal was the first female home for the club in a time of 25.20 and was 201st overall.
  • Abby Cleal was the second female home for the club and ran a time of 25.28 and was 204th overall.
  • Steve Wilby was the 3rd male home for the club in a time of 29.01 and was 266th overall.

Bunny Run #3

The conditions were favourable for the third and final run of the Bunny Run series, with the sun again shining down on its participants.

  • Tom Collinge improved his time and position with a time of 16.32 and was 11th overall.


Well done to all the Queensbury runners who took part in this series. I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your Cadbury’s Creme Egg reward!

Baildon Boundary Way

Five club members ran the race this morning Anna Smith,Peter Hughes,Carl Heron,Peter May and Graham Jowett the conditions were good avoiding the bad weather. Peter Hughes was 26th overall in a time off 1hr 33mins 02secs  this time gave Peter the first V60 award Carl Heron was aiming to beat the 1hr 40 mins mark and just got inside that time with a time off 1hr 39mins 46secs Carl was 49th overall Peter May ran a time off 1hr 42mins 15secs  and was 55th overall Graham Jowett was aiming to beat 2hrs he was well inside this with a time off 1hr 55mins 24secs and 145th overall and Anna Smith ran a time off 1hr 58mins 14secs  and her overall finishing position was 172nd Anna is training for the three peaks race in two weeks and used this race as a training run so well done to all who ran it was a great race and well organized by Baildon Running Club .