Park Run results (1st August 2015)

Congratulations to the 24 of you who participated in five park runs last weekend. Email Carl if you spot any errors.Unknown


Stacey CLEAL Bradford 26:29
Abbie CLEAL Bradford 26:32
Andrew TEMPEST-MITCHELL Bradford 27:32
Simon THOMAS Edinburgh 25:17 (1st M65)
Matt THORNTON Halifax 21:10 (7th)
Ben CHARLESWORTH Halifax 22:50
Jack SIMPSON Halifax 23:48
Glenn THORNTON Halifax 26:31
Zoe HIPWELL Halifax 27:04
Rob GLOVER Halifax 28:08
Sharan LOUGHRAN Halifax 28:29
Charlotte WILKINSON Halifax 29:10
Dianne SIMPSON Halifax 29:53
Maria KEATING Halifax 30:44
Kathryn WEBB Halifax 33:15
Dionne BARDON Halifax 36:11
Beverley MORRITT Halifax 38:53
Tamara SWAN Halifax 40:55
Martin FIRTH Halifax 45:53
Michael COE Horton Park 20:43 (4th)
Stephen BROOK Horton Park 25:33
Hannah COE Horton Park 27:56
Gurjit KAUR Horton Park 35:41
Stephen WILBY Oakwell Hall 28:07
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