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Leeds Country Way (LCW) Relay 2016 – 04/09/16

As mentioned previously, we ran amazingly in our debut LCW Relay, finishing in 6th place out of a field of 50 teams. The 6 leg trail race takes in the countryside surrounding Leeds on this 62 mile circular footpath.

Well done to our runners;

Leg 1
Lee Shaw and Immy Asghar

Leg 2
Chris Williams and Tom Collinge

Leg 3
Peter Hughes and Peter May

Leg 4
Ben Clare and Alistair Galt

Leg 5
Carl Herom and Simon Brady

Leg 6
Jo Horan and Steve “Gapchenko” Searle

Well done, guys. Impressive running.Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 20.51.22 14188604_1746993708886614_2806157234254035669_o 14196049_10154567987023487_4401283280397326756_o 14231123_10154567987078487_6843925579223535856_o 14231376_1746993652219953_8379974504768313936_o 14231880_1746993665553285_2088554229379315554_o 14241445_10154249744895813_8478891543854202883_o 14249848_10154249220675813_5859073527456415691_o

Plusnet Leeds Half Marathon

Also on Sunday was the Plusnet Leeds Half Marathon. We had quite a good turn of runner for this race.

The sun was shinning and although it felt quite nice waiting for the race to start art 9:30am it was suffocating towards the end of the race.

The race is on the road, starts on the Headroom and passes through Meanwood, Westwood, Hawksworth and then back to Leeds City centre via Kirkstall Abbey.

Please see the photo for the results but as an overview:
Martin Firth – 1:25:39
Carl Heron – 1:30:27
Matt Thornton – 1:38:06 (I ran on behalf of Richard Newberry as he’s broken his leg)
Maria Rhodes – 1:45:04
Chris Rushworth – 1:45:38
Anthony Lindsay-Yule – 1:52:33
Julie Hepworth – 1:56:54
Daniel Moore – 2:00:30
Rachel Kendall – 2:02:12
Joanne Fortune – 2:05:35
Sharan Loughran – 2:21:33
Shelley Ferneyhough – 2:25:40

Well done every one that ran. Very good times in very hot weather.



13177277_10154274709069388_8736301243352025809_n 13124852_10209166123973870_7186256895516482871_n 13096081_10209166124933894_1679557033922992_n 13173811_10209166125013896_5770937901830452197_n 13174015_10209166125653912_3991114833153696510_n 13178684_10209166145174400_5883799721216776384_n 13124861_10209166143934369_9041796836907272982_n 13151650_10154108016753396_7262429951626342308_n 13173654_10154107296138396_1588587333523418538_n 13178996_10153753203972874_7685729481787334436_n

Rat Race Dirty Weekend 2016 – 07/05/16

Guess what? I’m back again with more results.

Firstly, on Saturday 7th May 2016, David Hepworth made his way to Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire to take park in the brutal Race Race Dirty Weekend 2016.

An insane OCR (Obstacle Course Race) with a staggering 200 obstacles scattered over 20 miles. 

To give you a slight insight, some of these challenges have names like Stink Trench, Scree Scramble, Nasty Crawl etc.

David Hepworth completed this animal in an excellent 6:44:20, placing him 1852nd out of 3726 who finished.

Well done sir, I doff my cap to you.

As always, regards,




Kirklees 10k – 07/05/16

Good night everyone,

Yet again it’s been a busy old weekend for QRCers partaking in various races. I’m nodding off as I type so I’ll just cover one race. The rest I’ll continue tomorrow…

On Saturday 7th May a few of our runners tackled the Kirklees 10k Challenge. The route is an out and back course from just outside Huddersfield to Linthwaite along canal towpaths and some roads.

The results are as follows (out of a field of 254):
Position Name Time
22 Joanne Horan 44m 15s
114 Stephen Brook 55m 32s
131 Maria Keating 57m 29s
230 Julie Bauer 1h 11m 22s

Excellent work guys.



P.S. Some of the best finish line photos ever.P1070111 P1070682 P1070602 P1070234 P1070105

The Bluebell Trail – 01/05/16

Following on from Ben’s awesome feat, Sunday saw a race closer to home. The Bluebell Trail, hosted by Stainland Lions RC, was run by several of our runners and supported by many more.

This race is a tasty 10 miler which includes a run up the notorious Trooper Lane and finishes with a river crossing.

The race was won by Stainland’s own Lion, Ben Mounsey in an blistering 61:10.

We had a few impressive results of our own too:

Tom Collinge romped home in 70:21 and snatched 5th place.
Peter May powered round in 83:16 and made 51st place.
Peter Gibbons put in the effort for 90:54 and made the top 100 with 98th.
Anna Smith crossed the line as the first QRC female in 95:49 and 140th
Stacey Cleal was hot on Anna’s tail with 96:20 and 143rd.
Graham Jowett made it round in 100:20 and bagged 182nd.
Andy Smith brought up the rear in 115:19 and smashing his two hour target. Andy finished 288th out of a field of 433, two of which didn’t finish.

A massive well done to all who ran, supported, took photos and, like me, stayed in bed.



13131494_10209118176175205_5689892224003575310_o 13123261_10209118174695168_1976353481242190862_o 13124526_10154091286548396_2387996473861683698_n 13087414_10154091286498396_3448612266905945552_n 13077070_10154091286423396_7043589545677996019_n 13076535_10154091286308396_5309624171146410790_n 13096264_10154091286288396_6715524102624721343_n

3 Peaks Race – 30/04/16

13082639_10154145697854660_2178354403338508313_n 13139014_10154145696169660_6249172290616110600_n 13124521_10154145701464660_6591712265105253925_n RouteProfile2On Saturday 30th April at 10:30am it was the start of the 62nd Annual 3 Peaks race.

I think this race is pretty self explanatory. It’s a brutal race over the three Yorkshire Peaks, Pen-Y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. This challenge covers 23.3 miles with an overall ascent of 5279 feet.

Well, our very own Ben Clare raced this beast in an impressive 3:59:07. This time gave him 170th out of a field of 703 who finished. 97 didn’t.

Well done, Ben. Excellent results.