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Roundhay Parkrun 29th July 2017

Bright sunshine greeted us when we arrived in Roundhay, quite a difference from the last few days. A good turn out from QRC saw 16 of us meeting at the starting point where we were given a warm welcome by all at Roundhay Parkrun, what a friendly bunch they were.

After the usual formalities were finished by the RD and with a quick 3-2-1-GO we were off, up the lane, left at the mansion, across the top of the park before a left turn down the hill passed the cricket pavilion (where Steve Brook must have been taking tips from the immaculately cut cricket square) then down to the Lakeside cafe, left and up the hill and back to the start line and onto the 2nd lap.

A fantastic m mornings racing and hopefully not too long before our next away Parkrun, where hopefully more of you will join in the fun. Well done to all who came, we were FAB!!


Parkrun Results: 13/05/2017

This week saw 26 Queensbury RC runners participate at 5 courses. 

Name Course Time Position PB
Leanne Alston Bradford parkrun 26:29 130th +01:47
Garrie Wider Bradford parkrun 31:43 306th +00:00
Neil Windle Brighouse parkrun 20:15 8th -02:00
Tom Collinge Halifax parkrun 17:21 1st +00:28
Andrew Dovernor Halifax parkrun 18:34 3rd -00:22
Andrew Stott Halifax parkrun 20:04 9th +00:16
Craig Richardson Halifax parkrun 23:02 28th +01:39
Philip Lickley Halifax parkrun 23:13 31st First time!
Joe Fielder Halifax parkrun 24:16 39th First time!
Julie Hepworth Halifax parkrun 25:27 52nd +00:50
Rob Glover Halifax parkrun 26:27 64th +00:35
Daniel Moore Halifax parkrun 26:55 68th +01:52
Joanne Fortune Halifax parkrun 27:31 76th +01:55
Michelle Greenwood Halifax parkrun 27:52 78th -00:37
Rebecca Smith Halifax parkrun 30:24 101st First time!
Richard Newberry Halifax parkrun 30:50 107th First time!
Chelsea Young Halifax parkrun 32:53 127th First time!
Sharan Loughran Halifax parkrun 33:37 134th +06:32
Jane Skudder Halifax parkrun 36:56 166th +00:00
Beverley Morritt Halifax parkrun 38:05 179th +01:29
Simon Brady Horton Park parkrun 20:07 3rd +00:10
Joanna Lockwood Horton Park parkrun 23:43 11th -00:06
Helen Trevisani Horton Park parkrun 28:48 29th +01:10
Rachael Archer-Smith Horton Park parkrun 34:11 44th -01:07
Helen Gibbons Horton Park parkrun 36:09 48th +02:33
Simon Thomas Prudhoe Riverside parkrun 25:24 36th -00:16

Some interesting statistics for you:

  • Congratulations to Tom Collinge for coming in first place at the Halifax parkrun. This is his 17th first-place finish at a Parkrun!
  • Well done to Daniel Moore for making his first Parkrun reappearance after 23 weeks. Will we see you next Saturday?
  • Well done to Michelle Greenwood for beating her previous PB by an impressive 37 seconds!
  • Well done to Neil Windle for beating his previous PB by an impressive 120 seconds!
  • Well done to Rachael Archer-Smith for beating her previous PB by an impressive 67 seconds!
  • Helen Gibbons has run her 40th Parkrun. Good work!
  • Richard Newberry completed his first Parkrun. Good work!
  • Chelsea Young completed her first Parkrun. Congratulations!

Well done to all that took part and especially to the 6 runners who have achieved a PB